Sponsor: Trustly


Trustly, Sweden’s leading payment provider, is proud to be the official sponsor of the 2023 Online Casino of the Year election.

Founded in 2008, Trustly has established itself as a pioneer in providing secure, fast and simple online payment solutions. With a reputation built on reliability and trust, the company has millions of customers. By focusing on the latest technologies and innovative solutions, Trustly has created a simple and seamless payment experience for both businesses and consumers.

Trustly is widely recognized and respected for its commitment to security and quality. The payment provider is regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and offers secure transactions between bank accounts in real-time, using the highest available encryption standards.

In addition, Trustly has always prioritized customer needs, offering world-class customer service. The company has won multiple awards for its services.

The organization of the 2023 Online Casino of the Year election would like to emphasize that Trustly, as a sponsor, has no influence on the outcome of the election. The company is not involved in the judging and an agreement with Trustly is in no way a requirement to win an award.

Trustly’s role is purely supportive, as a way to celebrate and recognize the industry. The company is proud to be part of this event, which recognizes the best and brightest stars in the online casino world. The integrity of the event is paramount and Trustly is committed to maintaining this standard of honesty and transparency.

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