Explanation of the integrity of this election

We are looking for the Online Casino of the Year! The results of the election must come from all the people who voted as well as the judges. The employees of the organization have no voice in this process and may not influence the process (other than the selection of the judges).

Trust is good, control is better

An award is only worth something if you can be sure it was earned through a fair election. That’s why we built a custom system that allows everyone to check afterwards that the election was fair.

While casting your vote, you passed a screen where you were asked to sign your vote. To do this, we didn’t ask you to make a real scribble, but instead created a digital signature via a special code. You put it in by validating your vote through your email address.

When signing we encrypted all data related to the election with the private key of onlinecasinovanhetjaar.nl. This private key can be found at the bottom of this page. This digital key is unique to our website. Because no one in the world has this private key, it can be said with certainty that the information provided comes from onlinecasinovanhetjaar.nl.

In the encryption of the delivered vote submission, a check is included at the same time. This ensures that the data cannot be altered without being detected. Because that data is public, anyone can see if votes are changed or deleted.

When you, the voter, approve the vote that the website has stored, you sign your vote. At that point, your phone, tablet, or computer creates a new set of keys. Your private key also adds a check to the vote stored on the website. With this you enter into an agreement with onlinecasinovanhetjaar.nl that the content of your voice has only one version.

By applying this method, it’ i’s no longer possible for the administrators of onlinecasinovanhetjaar.nl (or other parties), to change the content of your vote afterwards. In doing so, we ensure a fair election.

With the data on the ‘vote integrity check‘ page, it’s possible for anyone to check the integrity of the election afterwards. By validating your own vote, you can see if it has been modified or deleted. When the voting session is over, all votes must be original and complete. When you visit this page with the device you used to cast your vote, your vote will be highlighted in green. The local data of your vote will then be imported so you can see if it is the same as when you threw it into the digital ballot box.

Perform your own audit

This all sounds complicated, but for those with an understanding of cryptography, this is cut and dry. Doubting the integrity of the election? Since the data is public, anyone can perform their own audit. Is all this still abracadabra for you? Then ask someone who understands cryptography to take a look at the “voting integrity check” page.

Still not convinced? We are happy to cooperate with an audit by an expert of your choice.

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